Raymond's Portfolio

A showcase for my projects as a MSCAPP student at UChicago. More to come!

March 2021

Deep Learning to predict patient drug experience

Using online medication reviews, we carried out a sentiment analysis to predict overall patient satisfaction with various Neural Networks. Our models take unstructured text as an input and output a sentiment score and achieve levels of accuracy in line with current research.
Collaborated with: Angelo Cozzubo and Noah Selman

March 2021

Narrating the Economic Crisis in Lebanon with Data Viz

Using different visualization tools (Altair, Vega, D3) I created a suite of static and interactive graphs in the form of a slideshow to tell the story of the economic and ensuing food insecurity crisis in Lebanon from 2019 until today.

December 2020

Leveraging Big Data to Build a Transportation Web App

For my Computer Science elective course, I built an app displaying Chicago transportation statistics using over 20 million rows of Divvy (bike share), CTA rail and bus ridership, and weather data. I put to use a number of Big Data tools and programming languages to create functioning batch, serving, and speed layers and a couple of ML models.

July 2020

Mapping the US-Mexico bilateral Relationship with Tableau

While Interning at the Embassy of Mexico in the US, I created an interactive map displaying demographic and trade information between 436 US Congressional Districts and Mexico using Tableau.

June 2020

Predicting Covid-19 Cases and Deaths with Machine Learning

Using data on government policy measures and national health and economic indicators, we created a tool to predict Covid-19 related cases and deaths across different countries in the world.
Collaborated with: Diego Diaz and Piyush Tank

March 2020

Peruvian Party Switching:
Ideologists or Opportunists?

We analyzed and characterized tendencies in party switching among 2020 parliamentary candidates. Tasks carried out include data viz and designing Selenium-based crawler.
Collaborated with: Andrei Bartra, Angelo Cozzubo, and Marc Richardson